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15.03.2019 | Originalien

Social support is associated with technology use in old age

15.03.2019 | Medien

Wohnen im Alter in Österreich

13.03.2019 | Original Contribution Open Access

Postural hemodynamic parameters in older persons have a seasonal dependency

A pilot study

It is well known that blood pressure is elevated in winter compared to summer [ 1 , 9 ]. Specifically, systolic blood pressure decreases with increasing temperature and the exposure temperature has been reported to influence the autonomic nervous …

28.02.2019 | Medien

Bewegung und Sport als alternsstabilisierende Aktivitäten

25.02.2019 | Original Contribution

A new scoring system for increasing the sensitivity of the MMSE

The mini mental state examination (MMSE) [ 7 ] is one of the most commonly used screening tools for cognitive impairment [ 14 ], especially in the context of dementia diagnostics. The new diagnostic criteria are formulated in the DSM-5 [ 1 ] and …

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