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01.12.2012 | Leitthema | Ausgabe 8/2012

Notfall +  Rettungsmedizin 8/2012

What is a “good death”?

Notfall + Rettungsmedizin > Ausgabe 8/2012
MD Prof. A. Steinberg



Every human being is mortal; the question is, however, what is the most appropriate way to die?


There is no one answer to this question. This dilemma is not primarily a medical or scientific dilemma, but rather a social, ethical, religious, legal and cultural dilemma. Hence, caring for the dying patient by families and health professionals is a challenging task. This dilemma should be resolved by experts in the fields of ethics, religion and law.


In general, a “good death” is how an autonomous person wishes it to be, within the limits of societal norms and values. In all circumstances there is a moral–religious duty to provide palliative care to the dying (actually to every) patient in order to alleviate pain and suffering.

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