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01.08.2012 | Leitthema | Ausgabe 6/2012

Notfall +  Rettungsmedizin 6/2012

Acute angiography for all resuscitated patients upon hospital admission

Notfall + Rettungsmedizin > Ausgabe 6/2012
MD Prof. Dr. K.B. Kern


Any patient resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest thought to have a cardiac etiology should have emergency coronary angiography upon arrival at the hospital. No current algorithm correctly identifies who has an acutely occluded coronary artery as their cardiac arrest trigger and who does not. However, 75% of those with ST elevation and 33% of those without ST elevation on their postresuscitation electrocardiogram have an acutely occluded coronary artery. To choose not to perform acute coronary angiography and reperfusion in all postresuscitation patients will leave at least one in three patients with significant myocardial loss, thus, resulting in chronic left ventricular dysfunction and heart failure.

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